What does a Construction Manager do?

construction industry construction management construction manager Nov 22, 2020

Construction is a complex job which is a mix of many divisions, each with a specific task. All these divisions are required to work in synergy for a project to meet its deadline while restricting themselves to the allocated budget. If anyone of these divisions messes it up, then the repercussions are for all the departments to face. An ill-managed project is doomed for cost and time overruns. In simple terms, losses. And a project simply cannot afford to incur any losses as they primarily function on credit basis.

Then how do you make sure your project is not in the red? You assign a person to coordinate with all the divisions and make sure they are in sync. To do that, the basic requirement is that the person must have an in-depth knowledge of all the divisions like planning, procurement, contracts, site execution, finance, inventory management, etc. As difficult as it may seem to have knowledge of so many fields, in reality, it is not so difficult for a person who has got the right kind of exposure. Now, one way is to work in all these domains for a year or two each and then reach to the position of managing them all. But imagine the number of years it would take to get there. Definitely worth it, but is there a short cut?


Yes. There is. A Post Graduation course in construction project management will give you an insight into all of these in a matter of months and place you ahead of the curve. In a matter of a few years, you can reach that position which otherwise would have required a decade. The thought horizon of an undergraduate engineer will expand and help one to see the broader perspective right from the start of one’s career. What this means is that the career progress of such person will fast-track. Where a UG person takes stairs, a PG construction manager will take an escalator. And when a person can deliver more to a company, that person will be seen as an asset and the company would go to any extent to retain the person in their organization. Meaning, the value of the person increases. When it comes to the corporate world, it is survival of the fittest. And the only way to be fit is to sit on top of the pyramid. What would you take to get there, the stairs or the escalator?


Karthik Mudlapur

Project Engineer, TATA Projects