Strategic Collaboration Announcement: VSAR

collaborations Aug 25, 2021

Ascend is gratified to announce our strategic collaboration with Vayati Systems and Research Inc.

Vayati Systems and Research Inc.  (VSAR) and Ascend School of Construction Business (ASCB) have joined forces to bring competency and skill- based learning to all I the age group of 18- 55 years of age. For the younger sections of the population, there are programmes that enable and empower them to join the employment mainstream quickly and seamlessly. Programs are curated taking into account the
needs of the whole industry and particular recruiters. For the experienced segments of the workforce, the need for reskilling and upskilling are of greater significance. These needs form the content of programs that enable executives to grow their competencies in handling more complex situations.

At par with the best corporate trainers in the world, Vayati Systems and Research Inc. (VSAR) specializes in delivering two core services- Trainings and Research & Consulting Solutions.

The basket of programmes is offered in the domains of construction, real estate, and infrastructure sectors (known collectively as Built Environment) and cover technical, project management and general management aspects that are the core activities in the sector. VSAR will offer curriculum

Dr. Mona N. Shah ranked amongst the top corporate trainers in India, is a dedicated academic, a distinguished researcher, an acclaimed author, a mentor, a motivational speaker, and the force behind Vayati Systems and Research Inc.

Ascend School Of Construction Business is an eminent corporate B-School that embodies a unique and ingenious learning experience for construction industry professionals and young minds who are the future trailblazers of the construction industry.

Ascend intends to build a community of robust and splendid construction industry professionals, who accelerate solutions to the current challenges encountered by the industry.

We are ecstatic about this incredible collaboration with VSAR as together we create a radical platform that helps Ascend the Career of Construction Industry Professionals through an unparalleled learning experience.